‘100 Countries’ Project

A new series of articles, entitled ‘100 Countries’, will soon commence. In it, I’ll share cultural highlights and interesting anecdotes from my ongoing research — on these upcoming 55 countries, as well as many of the 50+ others previously researched.

hiatus, return, renew

…with this New Year, and the more recent Lunar New Year, motivation and the sense of a renewal, a moving ahead, has returned. Maybe you’ve felt this, too? We will not return to life as we knew it, but we move forward into whatever our new normal is to be — at the least, we move, no longer stuck. So — I’ve some plans.

The Story of Jeju, in Pictures

This is the story of an island called Jeju, in the South Sea…a place like no other, with several thousand years of human civilization in harmony with nature and today the first and only place in the world to receive all 3 UNESCO natural science designations…and a place in the throes of modernization….
This is the story of Jeju Island…and the story of indigenous peoples and unique, sacred lands…all over the world.

‘Better to be Born a Cow than a Woman’

The historical figure of Kim Mandeok [Jeju Island, Korea] provides a model for today’s women, with timeless and universal themes such as women’s empowerment, gender equality, and social responsibility in the form of compassionate yet pragmatic philanthropy, for a more equitable distribution of wealth and global poverty reduction.