Dr Anne’s brief CV available in pdf format HERE

Anne Hilty, PhD, is a writer, psychologist, researcher, educator, and the founding director of EastWest Psyche Ltd, a global consulting firm headquartered in Hong Kong. Dr Hilty writes primarily on travel and cultural topics with an aim toward promoting intercultural understanding; she has conducted field research in 110 countries to date and published 3 books, 1 book chapter, 224 articles in 14 publications, 12 columns, 2 essays, a short story, her doctoral thesis, and several blogs, with 3 new books now in final editing and 3 more in progress. She also writes on topics of health and wellness, having been in the healthcare field for 30+ years. From New York City, Dr Hilty has lived in both Europe and East Asia since January 2005 and is currently based in Istanbul.


Anne Hilty, PhD, is a psychologist, writer, researcher, and educator, working with individuals, organizations, and institutions. A native New Yorker, she has been engaged in the promotion of global understanding throughout her career. Dr Anne has lived abroad since January 2005 in several countries, and has conducted field research in 110 countries to date, giving numerous public presentations and seminars and publishing extensively on cultural themes. Following her 5-year in-depth study of Jeju Island, South Korea, she served for 4 years (2014-2018) as a government-appointed Honorary Ambassador for Jeju Island, introducing and promoting the island’s culture globally.

Dr Anne has always followed a scholar-practitioner model. Having begun in the healthcare field as a nurse’s aide in 1980, she had a psychotherapy and natural health clinic in New York (1989-2004) followed by counseling practices in South Korea and Hong Kong (2005-2015), and now provides for a global clientele. She has also served on the medical and/or counseling staff of several New York hospitals. Her current company, EastWest Psyche Ltd headquartered in Hong Kong with a global outreach, represents Dr Anne’s 4th experience as an entrepreneur. 

In conjunction with her clinical work and cultural research, Dr Anne has engaged in teaching and education management. In 2017-18 she was the invited Visiting Professor in the Center for International Affairs of Jeju National University (South Korea); she has also been an adjunct professor at Hong Kong Polytechnic University (Hong Kong) and Regis College (Boston), and a founding administrator for two English academies in Seoul.

Dr Anne now maintains a residence in Istanbul, and continues to extensively research the world’s cultures.