hiatus, return, renew

Dr Anne here. It’s been a wee while.

My last post here was in 2012, in the midst of my 5-year in-depth cultural research on Jeju Island, South Korea. (I remained there until mid-2015, returning once more for a 1-year stint (SEP 2017-JUN 2018) as Visiting Professor at Jeju National University.)

I wasn’t exactly inactive in these past 10 years, though, just writing (and publishing) elsewhere….. I invite you to take a look at my writing portfolio, in conjunction with which I’ve conducted field research in a total of 110 countries to date.

Covid grounded my efforts, as it did for all of us around the world. Field research of course became impossible in light of border closures and restrictions, and the last time I posted anything, anywhere, was July 2020 — after which, motivation fled.

But with this New Year, and the more recent Lunar New Year, motivation and the sense of a renewal, a moving ahead, has returned. Maybe you’ve felt this, too? We will not return to life as we knew it, but we move forward into whatever our new normal is to be — at the least, we move, no longer stuck.

So — I’ve some plans.

I’m currently working on 5 (!) e-books, in varying stages: Goddesses and Strong Women: Mythology of Jeju Island [folklore]; Tamna: Jeju Island’s Unique Cultural Heritage [nonfiction]; Shamanism: Folk Psychology, Deep Ecology [nonfiction]; Cultural Trauma and Healing [nonfiction]; and, Woman Gone Global [memoir / self-help / travelogue]. The first two, manuscripts now in editing, will be available later this year, and in 2023, the latter three will be published.

A series of articles, broad in spectrum on bio-psycho-socio-cultural topics, will soon begin to be published on my new Medium.com site. I will explore cultural topics related to my global research, with cross-cultural themes of gender equality, cultural trauma and healing, indigenous practices, and much more. I’ll also be writing on topics related to my former clinical practice in transpersonal psychology, Traditional Chinese Medicine, somatic therapies, and nutrition. And more.

You can also read my ongoing series of photo-essays, “100 Countries,” on my company’s website, EastWest Psyche. I’ll be writing another 20 or so of those, after which I’ll expand each into full articles. On the EWP site you can also find social media details.

And here, on this LiteraryNomad blog? In addition to some cross-posting from Medium, and articles for commercial publications as they may arise, you can expect excerpts from the forthcoming e-books, and other topics as they bubble up in my brain — yet to be discovered.

Soon, a series on Turkish culture will also emerge, as I’m now situated in Istanbul (one of my longtime seasonal homes, full-time since March 2020) and have been studying this very rich and complex culture throughout the country.

Who knows where this literary journey will take me next? Many plans — with a great deal of room for spontaneity.

I do hope you’ll join me.

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