These blog posts are often inspired [note: to breathe in, preferably deeply] during my early morning meditations at the beach.  And today I found myself contemplating that very action, a bit of recursive thinking if you will, contemplating the contemplation (and/or the one contemplating?).  That is: I found myself thinking about the act of morning meditation, along with the need for, desire to, act of daily renewal.

Each morning I go to the beach and I let go of all of the concerns in my life — to the best of my ability — as well as the cares I may hold regarding the world around me.  While I’m not a deist, I hand over all those worries, all that negativity, to Nature, to the Cosmos, to Spirit, letting go of my need to hold it and claim it as my own.  This doesn’t absolve me of responsibility, either for my own life or the world around me; rather, it frees space within my mind and heart to more fully take up that charge, the call to action for social justice, for sustainability, for world peace, and for living a responsible life.

I have a need to do this daily, at the very beginning of each day.  Being human, I’m all too prone to reclaim those concerns, those negativities, as my day progresses.  And at the dawn of the next day, I’m back at the beach, letting go of my cares once more — and once again dedicating myself to living in keeping with my values and ideals.

The process of renewal must be a regular act, I think, both in terms of letting go and of commitment.  They are complementary, just as yin and yang are actually “yinyang” in the Daoist cosmology.  I need the reminder each and every day — and, I need the opportunity.  Every day gives me another chance to renew my soul.  Nothing is too great to bear, nor can I get too preoccupied with my own life and my personal concerns, when I live one day at a time and begin fresh each morning.

And in letting go of my cares about the world around me, while retaining my sense of responsibility toward the well-being of the planet and its inhabitants, I can focus on the positive and gather all my energy for the greater good.  My own being as well as that of the world around me is renewed and refreshed each day.  And each day I am — it is — again made whole.  

That’s the best — the very best, in fact — that I can do.  That any of us can do.

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