New Year and new beginnings…the insatiable human need to believe and to trust that we can start over, or move into a new phase–of our lives, our selves–at any time. Or at culturally prescribed and calendar-delineated times, at the very least.

A new year, new decade…new season, new month, new day, new moment, new stage of life, new awareness. All give us the opportunity, there all along but rendered poignant, to “renew”. To make new…again. Like the phoenix, we are continually creating and recreating ourselves and our lives. This also serves to renew our hope.

Integrative psychotherapy and transpersonal psychology are all about personal development and transformation, about uncovering and discovering aspects of ourselves, about changing what isn’t working for us and welcoming in new ways of being, about achieving goals and realizing our ultimate potential. The psychologist’s responsibility is to act as a guide, an assistant, a mentor, a witness, a co-detective, and a primary support in the transformative process.

We see this process of renewal in all aspects of nature. We can see the cycles, but also the potential. And we are every bit a part of this natural world, this cyclic process.

And here it is, the new year…again. Anew.¬†Happy New Year to all.

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